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Land Pirate, known as "The Giving Brand" is allocating 10% of the total amount of every purchase to help those who need it most. By joining our crew you get to help decide where these resources go. Make a purchase or donate directly and you decide which cause to allocate the resources. Attached below is the link to whichever outlet of charity warms your soul. You can select from:

Cloth the PeopleFeed the Hungry Visit the PrisonersComforting Widows Raising Orphans Welcoming Strangers

Where it's needed most


  • Cloth the people (Emergency/local clothing donation)
  • Feed the hungry (Local and national food needs)
  • Visit the prisoners (Prison visit and Prisoner family support)
  • Comforting Widows (Helping those who are alone)
  • Raising Orphans (National foster child programs & international orphanage support)
  • Where it's needed most (Emergency response and ongoing support)
  • Welcoming Strangers (Legal immigration transition support)


We will keep you posted with the results of those donations through ongoing communications on our newsletter and social media of the impacts our efforts are making here in our Giving section.

Join the crew and help us change the world by shopping here and/or give to one of our causes by donating above.

God Bless

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