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Have you ever been to the bars & restaurants of Key West? If you go there, you will notice a wide variety of individuals having a great time and who are not at all interested nor affiliated with sea life. Salty people for sure they are free-wheeling yet good-natured individuals. They live life free! Some are bikers, hippies, gypsies, cowboys, truckers, athletes, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, or just plain whoever they want to be and however they want to dress. They often go unseen by the fishermen and sea captains of the area and shun the commercial trappings of the “Parrot” crowd on Duvall Street, choosing instead to be themselves. But we saw them! They had the same sense of freedom we have and so we started to refer to our brethren's as Land Pirates. Engaging in revelry with each other the Land Pirate movement was born.  Land Pirate x Sneaky Puppy Founders



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