1. What is a Land Pirate? 

A Land Pirate is a free-wheeling, good-natured individual who gives to help others. A free soul on his/her search for the GOLD life. 


2. Are donations tax deductible?

Donations are not tax deductible. Land Pirate is registered as an LLC not a 501(c)(3).

3. Do you accept returns?

Yes we accept returns. You can refer to the return policy in the Support menu at the bottom of the page. 

4. Do the golf gloves fit true to size?

Yes, the golf gloves fit true to size. 

5. Do the window decals last in all weather conditions?

Yes, the window decals as well as the stickers withstand all weather conditions. 

6. How long is your processing time?

Orders are processed within 24-48 hours following your purchase.